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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  US/KS McPherson 978.155 Flo HISTORY Historical atlas of McPherson County [KS] Flory, Raymond L.
View Record  MAPCASE ENGLAND WALES D-III Bul Historical map of England and Wales Bullock
View Record  MAPCASE IRELAND D-I Bul Historical Map of Ireland. Bullock, L. G
View Record  MAPCASE SCOTLAND D-I Bul Historical Map of Scotland. Bullock, L. G.
View Record  MAPCASE PA D-II Bic Historical sites of Reading and Berks Counties, Pennsylvania. Bicentennial Commission of Pennsylvania
View Record  CD MO 977.8115 Hol Holt Co. Missouri EBook. Contents : History of Holt and Atchison Co. Mo 1882.- -Maps of Holt Co. 1851, 1862, 1876, 1888, 1890, 1890, 1902, 1904, 1911, 1913, 1920's, 1922, 1929, 1939, 1948-49, and 1950
View Record  CD MO 977.8285 How Howard Co., Missouri EBook. Contents: History of Howard and Cooper, Counties, Mo, 1889.-Selections from Missouri RedBook.-Maps of Howard Co. MO. 1851, 1902, 1904, 1920's, 1929.
View Record  MAPCASE D-III PA Huntingdon Co., PA. General Highway Map. Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
View Record  O/REF SCOTLAND 941.1 Sto Illustrated maps of Scotland From Blaeu's Atlas Novus of the 17th century Stone, Jeffrey
View Record  MAPCASE EUROPE Drawer I Imperial Map of Europe. Rand-McNally Publishers. Rand-McNally Publisher.
View Record  CT 974.63 Gra In and about Hartford : Tours and tales Grant, Marion Hepburn
View Record  REF KS 911.275 Bro Index of Names Found in Historical Plat Book of Clay Co., Kans. Publ. by Bird & Mickle Map Co., Chicago, IL 1881. Also the contents page and two map pages from 1881 Plat Book. And transcription of business directory of Clay Co. as found in the 1881 Plat Book. Brown, Evelyn J
View Record  PAM NC 911.175662 Hug Index to Hughes' Historical Map of Guilford Co., NC Hughes, Fred
View Record  US/OH PAM 977.172 Hee Montgomery MAP Index to the map of Montgomery County, Ohio, 1851 Heeter, Ken J.
View Record  MD 975.271 Smi Index to the map of the city and Co. of Baltimore 1850; Original surveys by J. P. Sidney and J.C Browne Smith, Dawn Beitler
View Record  MAPCASE D-II Bur Indian Land Areas. Areas operating under some degree of federal responsibility. Field office addresses. (Incl. principal tribes within the jusisdiction of each) Ref: Indians of North America, maps & atlases. Bureau of Indian Affairs
View Record  MAPCASE US D-I She Indian Territory: 1885-1887. This large scale map, first issued between 1885-87, locates small settlements, creeks and other features not found on smaller maps. Railways, rivers, streams and internal boundaries are shown... Sheppard, Jonalthan Books
View Record  US/IN 977.2 Res MAPS Indiana: Her counties, her townships, and her towns Researchers
View Record  IA 977.7 Cur Insurance maps of Iowa cities and towns: a list of holdings Curtis, Peter H and others
View Record  CD MO 977.841 Jac Jackson Co., Missouri EBook. Contents : Jackson Co, Mo, 1881.--History of Jackson Co. Mo. by W. Z. Hickman, 1900.--Maps of Jackson Co. , 1851, 1899, 1902, 1904, 1920's, 1929.
View Record  CD MO 977.872 Jas Jasper Co., Missouri EBook. Contents: History of Jasper Co. MO, 1883.--Biographical Record of Jasper Co., MO, 1901.--Selections from 1913 Missouri RedBook.--Jasper Co. Maps, 1851, 1883, 1902, 1904, 1913, 1920's, 1929.--Joplin ads
View Record  CD KS 978.1676 Joh Johnson Co., Kansas. EBook Contents: History of Johnson Co.. Kansas, 1883. Selected
View Record  MAPCASE KS D-V KS Kansas maps for 104 counties, b&w;+ 1 Osage Co., color w/ cemeteries; Shawnee Co., colorw/cemeteries Kansas. Department of Transportation
View Record  MAPCASE GERMANY Drawer I Stu Karte von Hessen mit den Orten aus denen die Wolgadeutschen ausgewandert sind (1768-69). Map of Hesse with localities from which the Volga Germans emigrated (1763-1768). Stumpp, K. Dr.
View Record  VA 975.5 Keg Kegley's Virginia frontier:the beginning of the southwest, the Roanoke of Colonial Days 1740-1783 with maps and illustrations. Part I Virginia from the beginning of the colony to the year 1740, pp. 5-47; Part II. New frontier advances 1740-1760, pp.51-201; Part III The Southwest frontier in the French and Indian War, pp.205-280; Part IV The Settlements, 1760-1770, pp. 282-372;Part V. Community development in Botetourt 1770-1783 pp 375-67;Index 675-786. Kegley, F. B.
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Records: 101 to 125 of 245