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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  REF US/MILITARY 973 Joh RESOURCE How to locate anyone who is or has been in the military - Armed forces locator guide, 7th ed. Johnson, Richard S., Lt. Col.
View Record  IL 929.3773 Vol Illinois Soldier's and Sailor's Home at Quincy. Admission of Mexican War and Civil War Veterans 1887-1898. Volkel, Lowell M.
View Record  US 929.1072 Bro In the footsteps of the Blue and Gray : a Civil War research handbook Brown, Brian A
View Record  MO 973.76 Gra Index of the Missouri National Guard On the Mexican Border. (Under the President's Order of June 18, 1916) Graden, Debra F
View Record  REF US 973.5 Whi MILITARY Index to Old Wars Pension Files, 1815-1826, rev. ed. White, Virgil D., transcr.
View Record  REF US 973.4 Whi Index to Old Wars Pension Files, 1815-1926. White, Virgil D
View Record  US/OH 977.1 Gar MILITARY WAR 1812 Index to roster of Ohio soldiers War of 1812 Garner, Grace, comp.
View Record  OR 929.379529 Bro Index to Soldiers Home, Roseburg, OR 1894-1933. Brown, Erma Lee Skyles
View Record  US 973.4 Cla Index to U.S. Invalid Pension Records, 1801-1815. Clark, Murtie Jane
View Record  REF US/IN 977.2 Nor HISTORY CIVIL WAR Indiana Civil War Veterans: Transcription of the death rolls of the Department of Indiana, Grand Army of the Republic, 1882-1948 Northcott, Dennis
View Record  US/IN 977.2 Hei MISC RCDS v. 3 Indiana source book, v. 3: Genealogical material from "The Hoosier Genealogist," 1973-1979 Heiss, Willard, ed
View Record  REF US/KS 978.1 HISTORY CIVIL WAR Iowa, Kansas and Nebraska Civil War Veterans: Compilation of the death rolls of the Department of Iowa, Kansas and Nebraska, Grand Army of the Republic, 1883-1948 Northcott, Dennis
View Record  Jefferson County servicemen's directory. 1946 edition with 1925 supplement Roster of Soldiers, sailors and marines who served in the War of Rebellion, Spanish-American War and World War Karabatsos, Dick
View Record  KS 978.1 Ger Kansans at their best : The Kansas National Guard 1985-2007 Gerhardt, Ed
View Record  REF KS 973.78 Kan Kansas Casualities in the World War 1917-1919; 3 supplements bound as 1 Kansas. Adjutant General's Office
View Record  US/KY 976.9 Sec MILITARY Kentucky pension roll of 1835 (Orig. Pub. 1835) [U.S.] Secretary of War
View Record  US 973.918 Rem HISTORY KOREA Korea reborn: Grateful nation honors war veterans for 60 years of growth [with documentary video CD)
View Record  REF KS 16.071 Kan KS Military. Sources in KSHS Research Center. Incl.: Military records of Gen. value; contents of microfilm records of KS Adj. Gen., roster & descriptive rolls, CW-WWI; Index to enlistment papers, KS Vol. Regt. 1861-1865 & 19th KS Cav. 1868-1869 (Indian Campaign); Index KS Vol. Regt, Spanish American War and Necrology list; List of Synonyms of Organizations in Vol. Service of U.S. 1861-1865 (KS portion); Military sites in KS. Kansas State Historical Soc., Research Center
View Record  US 973.918 Dai HISTORY KOREA Legacy of Custer's 7th US Cavalry in Korea Daily, Edward L.
View Record  PAM US 973.1 Sec Letter from the Secretary of War Transmitting a Report of the Names, Rank, and Line of Every Person, Placed on The Pension List in Pursuance of the Act of 18th Mar. 1818 and c. rept. 1987. Secretary of War
View Record  OR 929.379533 Bro Lincoln Co., OR Military List, 1895. Brown, Erma Lee Skyles
View Record  OR 929.379535 Bro Linn Co., OR Militia List, 1874. Brown, Erma Lee Skyles
View Record  VA 975.5 Vir List of the colonial soldiers of Virginia : special report of the Department of Archives and History for 1913 Virginia State Library. Archives Division
View Record  MO 929.3778223 Ell Livingston Co., MO. Death Records, Vol I, 1883-1890. Roll of Pensioners from Missouri Agency Books. Ellsberry, Elizabeth Prather
View Record  OR 929.379537 Bro Marion Co., (OR) Military Roll, 1891. Brown, Erma Lee Skyles
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Records: 51 to 75 of 157