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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  US/PA PDCL 974.81 Westmoreland "Good Purpose" Newsletter Baltzer Meyer Historical Society
View Record  A Lot of Bunkum : V1-14(1980-1993) incompl holdings Old Buncombe County Geneal Society
View Record  A Peek At Pike: V3-5(1984-1986) incompl holdings Pike and Calhoun Co Geneal Society
View Record  A Tale of Mid-Cities: V1+(1979/80+ Incomplete holdings MID-CITIES GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY
View Record  Acadian Genealogy Exchange Newsletter: V3-9(1974-1980) incomplete holdings Acadian Genealogy Exchange
View Record  Adams Co Historical Society Newsletter: V28N3-28N6(2001) Incompl holdings Adams County Historical Society
View Record  Airy View: V14N6-21N1(1989-1996) incompl Perry Historians
View Record  Alabama Family History and Genealogy News: V7-18(1986-1997) North Central Alabama Genealogical Society
View Record  US/AL PDCL 976.1 [PDCL-0002] Alabama Genealogical Society Magazine Alabama Genealogical Society
View Record  US/AL PDCL REF 976.1 Ala INDEX Alabama Genealogical Society Magazine: Past Issues - Articles Index, v. 1 (1967) - v. 37 (2005) Alabama Genealogical Society
View Record  Alamance Genealogist: V14+(1997+ Alamance County Genealogical Society
View Record  978.1 Mid KS PERIODICAL Alert: V23N2+(1996-97+ incompl holdings Midwest Historical & Genealogical Society
View Record  All-Ireland Heritage: V1-2(1984-1985) D.R.H. Associates
View Record  All-Ireland Heritage: V1N2&3(1984) All Ireland Heritage
View Record  Allegheny Regional Ancestors: Vols 3N4-5 (1994-1996) Incompl hold Allegheny Regional Family History Society
View Record  Allen County Lines: V2N2-26(l977/78-200102)incompl hold Allen County Genealogical Society of Indiana
View Record  American Elm: V9-14N2(1980-1985) Incompl Holdings Western MA Genealogical Society
View Record  American Genealogist: V28-78(1967-2003) Incomplete Anderson, Robert & David Green, Editors
View Record  American Heritage Service: V2N4-3N3(1968/69-1969/70) American Heritage Service
View Record  American Historical Society of Germans from Russia Newsletter: #15 June 1976-#105 incompl holdings American Historical Society of Germans from Russia
View Record  American History: V17/9-18/8 (1983-1984) Historical Times
View Record  American Spirit Supplement: Daughters of the American Revolution
View Record  American-Canadian Gene Society - Genealogist: V27+(2001+ American-Canadian Genealogical Society
View Record  American/Schleswig-Holstein Heritage Soc Newsletter: V1+(1989+ American/Schleswig-Holstein Heritage Society
View Record  Among the Coles: V13-16N6(1987-1990) (incomplete holdings) Coles County (IL) Genealogical Society
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Records: 1 to 25 of 826