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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  REF US 369.1 Tra A Guide to Hereditary and Lineage Societies. Edited by William R. Ward. Tradition Publications
View Record  REF BIBLIOGRAPHY 016 Fil RESOURCE GUIDE American & British genealogy& heraldry: a selected list of books (3rd ed.) Filby, P. William
View Record  REF US 378.28 She American heraldry in America Sheard, Kevin
View Record  REF RESOURCE 929.7 Bur HERALDRY Burke's Peerage and Baronetage, 405th ed. Burke's Peerage Limited
View Record  RESOURCE 929.6 Fox HERALDRY Complete guide to heraldry (Orig. Pub. 1909) Fox-Davies, Arthur Charles
View Record  REF 929.6 Cro Crozier's General Armory. A Registry of American families entitled to Coat of Armor. Crozier, William Armstrong, F.R.S.
View Record  REF 929.6 Smi Elementary Heraldry. Smith, Charles Francis
View Record  Genealogy & Heraldry: V1-2N1 (1968-69) incomplete hold Intnl Soc for Heraldry & Fam Trees
View Record  England 929.8 Bur General Armory of England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales: comprising a registry of armorial bearing from the earliest to the present time. 1967 Reprint Burke, Bernard, Sir, 1814-1892
View Record  REF 929.6 Smi General Armory Two. Alfred Morant's Additions and Corrections to Burke's General Armory. Humphrey-Smith, Cecil R.
View Record  REF 929.6 Zie Heraldry In America. Classic 1895 Edition with over nine hundred and fifty illustrations. Zieber, Eugene
View Record  RESOURCE 929.7 Pin HERALDRY Heraldry, ancestry and titles: questions and answers Pine, Leslie Gilbert
View Record  IRELAND 941.5 Bre Irish Family Names, Arms, Origins and Locations. deBreffney, Brian
View Record  FOREIGN UK/IRELAND 941.5 Beg RESRCH MTHD Irish genealogy: record finder Begley, Donal F., ed.
View Record  FOREIGN UK/SCOTLAND 941.1 Inn HERALDRY Scots heraldry: Practical handbook on the historical principles and modern application of the art and science, 2nd ed. Innes, Sir Thomas of Learney
View Record  920 WALLACE The Clan Wallace. 3rd ed. Ref: Heraldry. Wallace, Charles B.
View Record  REF 929.1 Rog The Pageant of Heraldry. An explanation of its principle and its uses today. Rogers, H. C. B., O.B.E., Colonel
View Record  REF US 920.073 Mey Who's Who in Genealogy And Heraldry. Meyer, Mary Keysor & William P. Filby
View Record  PAM 929.1 Hal Your Name Your Arms Your Heritage. (Comprehensive explamation on symbols used in heraldry) Halberts, Inc.
Records: 1 to 19 of 19