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View Record  US/OH PAM 977.149 Ber Clark ARCHITECTURE Architectural guide to the houses of Springfield and Clark County, Ohio Berkhofer, George H.
View Record  PAM FAM HIST 929.2 Pau ALLEN Backyard archaelogy: Willis Allen house, 1854-1994, with family histories of the occupants Paul, Bernard A., James Ross & Tracy Sandefur
View Record  PAM US/KS Cloud 978.125 Wor HISTORY Best in Kansas: History of the Brown Grand Theatre and its restoration. n.i., 1980. Workman, Thelma
View Record  PAM FAM HIST 929.2 Roa COCKE COCKE : "Langley"- history of a southern mansion and its families Roach, Thomas Edward
View Record  PAM FAM HIST 929.2 Nel LEE Custis-Lee Mansion: Robert E. Lee Memorial, Virginia - National Park Series Historical Handbook, Series #6 Nelligan, Murray H.
View Record  US/KS 978.165 Ric Douglas ARCHITECTURE Douglas County [KS] Historic Building Survey -A photo sampler Richards, Jane, ed.
View Record  US 973 Pra ARCHITECTURE Guide to early American homes, north Pratt, Dorothy & Richard
View Record  US/KS 978.1 Sac ARCHITECTURE Guide to Kansas architecture Sachs, David H. & George Erlich
View Record  US/KS Shawnee 978.163 Jon HISTORY Historic resources inventory of the central city - Topeka, Kansas Jones, Martin, ed.
View Record  US/KS 978.1 Wor HISTORY Legacies: Kansas' older county court houses Wortman, Julie & David P. Johnson
View Record  US 973 Bea ARCHITECTURE Log cabin: Homes of the North American wilderness Bealer, Alex W. & John O. Ellis
View Record  REF US 973 Nor HISTORY Old homesteads and historic buildings, genealogy and family lore, architectural - pictorial - historical exhibition collected by Manhattan Chapter NSDAR, New York City Nordyke, Lura Ballard, comp.
View Record  US/KS Shawnee 978.163 Goo HISTORY Prairie to Property - History of the ownership of West Hills Good, Stephen E.
View Record  US/KS 978.163 Rip Shawnee HISTORY #51 Shawnee County [KS] Historical Society Bulletin # 51 - Album of 19th Century homes of Shawnee County Ripley, John W., ed
View Record  FOREIGN UK SCOTLND 941.1 Tra HISTORY Tales and traditions of Scottish castles Tranter, Nigel
View Record  US/KS Shawnee 978.163 Tuc HISTORY Westboro: Neighborhood of tradition Tucker, Susan E., Marj Schnacke, Carol Green, eds.
Records: 1 to 16 of 16