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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  REF MO 977.8 Dil 1890 Missouri Census Index of Civil War Veterans or their Widows Dilts, Bryon Lee
View Record  US/NE Mflm 978.2 NARA Roll #38 CIVIL WAR 1890 Union Veterans and Widows of Civil War - Cass, Douglas, Gage, Pawnee, Richardson Counties, NE National Archives of the United States
View Record  KS 369 Gra 1894 Roster Index of the members and posts of the Grand Army of the Republic, Department of Kansas; also Department rosters of Auxiliary organizations Grand Army of the Republic, Kansas Department
View Record  KS 973.78 Sco A Diary of a Union Soldier with the Army of the Potomac. John C. Scott's Experiences in the Union Army from Jan. 1, 1864 to Jan. 1. 1865. (According to a transcript found at Lecompton, Kans.) Scott, John C.
View Record  REF US 16.91173 Nat A Guide to Civil War Maps in the National Archives. National Archives.
View Record  REF US 973.7 Dav A Short History of the Confederate States of America. Davis, Jefferson
View Record  US/PA PAM 974.842 Mil Adams HISTORY Adams County [PA] history - v. 5, index v. 1-5 Myers, James P., Jr., ed.
View Record  US 973.7 Nin HISTORY CIVIL WAR Appomattox paroles, April 9-15, 1865, 2nd ed. Nine, William G. & Ronald G. Wilson
View Record  KS 978.1 Hil Battle Canyon, Sept. 27, 1878 Hilgardner, Robert Thomas
View Record  US 973.7 Civ Battle of Chickamauga! Text by Glenn Tucker, Maps by Col. W S Nye. Civil War Times Illustrated
View Record  MO 977.8 Gif Battle of Pilot Knob, Staff Ride and Battlefield and tour guide Gifford, Douglas L.
View Record  US 973.7 Sim HISTORY CIVIL WAR v.3 Blockade: runners and raiders Simons, Gerald, ed.
View Record  US 973.7 Bai HISTORY CIVIL WAR v.10 Bloodiest day - battle of Antietam Bailey, Ronald H.
View Record  US 973.7 All HISTORY CIVIL WAR Blue and the Gray Allen, Thomas B.
View Record  US/KS 978.1 Wel HISTORY Border warfare in Southeastern Kansas: 1856-1859 Welch, G. Murlin
View Record  MO 920.77 Hal Branded as Rebels. A list of bushwackers, guerillas, partisan rangers, Confederates and Southern sympathizers from Missouri during the war years. Hale, Donld R. & Eakin, Joanne Chiles
View Record  US 973.7 Dav HISTORY CIVIL WAR v.1 Brother against brother: war begins Davis, William C.
View Record  MO 973.844 Bro Bushwackers of the Border. The Civil War Period in Western Missouri. A summary and appraisal. Brophy, Patrick
View Record  REF MO 16.9778 Mid card two REF.... Selected Civil War Records at Mid-Continent Library....... Mid-Continent Public Library
View Record  US/MO Cass 977.842 Raf HISTORY CIVIL WAR Caught between three fires: Cass County, MO, chaos, & Order No. 11, 1860-1865 (2nd ed.) Rafiner, Tom A.
View Record  US/MO 977.8 Raf HISTORY CIVIL WAR Cinders and silence: chronicle of Missouri's burnt district, 1854-1870 Rafiner, Tom A.
View Record  973 Lor US Civil War collectors encyclopedia: Arms, uniforms and equipment of the Union and Confederacy Lord, Francis A.
View Record  PA 974.872 Ful Civil War damage claims from Fulton, Co., Pennsylvania, v. 22 Fulton Co. Historical Soc.
View Record  MI 973.1 Uni Civil War Desertion Hearings in Detroit, MI (Mostly soldiers from Illinois). U.S. Headquarters, Dept. of the Ohio
View Record  US/AL 976.1 Hud HISTORY CIVIL WAR Civil War diary of William Spenser Hudson Hudson, Weldon I., ed.
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Records: 1 to 25 of 185