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Shawnee County Repositories
  Kansas Historical Society
  The Kansas Historical Society serves as both the state archive and historical society. Their vast collection includes a comprehensive microfilm collection of Kansas newspapers.
  Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library
  The Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library houses a strong local history and genealogical collection, located on the 2nd floor of the library.
Shawnee County Resources
  1874-75 Topeka City Directory
  F.H. Woodbury, Compiler & Publisher.
  1912 Topeka City Directory
  1934 City of Topeka Colored Directory
  Lists names and addresses of African American residents, plus churches, businesses and professional organizations.
  Bibliography of Shawnee County History
  Bibliography compiled by the Kansas Historical Society
  Biographies of Early Prominent Citizens
  From the website My Genealogy Hound, biographical sketches of many prominent citizens of Early Shawnee County.
  Births & Deaths 1894-1911
  The Shawnee County Clerk's office maintained a register of early births and deaths prior to mandatory reporting at the state level. Reporting was incomplete, but the register remains an important resource for early vital records.
  Genealogy Trails - Shawnee County
  Kansas Memory
  A great site loaded with photos and documents pertaining to Kansas History. Lots of Shawnee County materials.
  Kansas People - Name Index
  Kansas Historical Society searchable name index to Kansas people.
  King, History of Shawnee County, Kansas, 1905
  This book. written and edited by James L. King, provides a comprehensive early history of Shawnee County, as well as portraits and biographical sketches for many prominent citizens.
  Obituary Index
  Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library's index to obituaries published in Topeka newspapers.
  Shawnee County Genweb
  Shawnee County Historical Society
  Website of the Shawnee County Historical Society
  Territorial Kansas
  A fascinating glimpse of early settlement in Territorial Kansas, as well as the formation of the city of Topeka. Lots of photos and digitized images of docments.
Cemeteries & Grave Locations
  Find A Grave
  National Gravesite Locator
  Searchable database of veterans and their family members buried in VA National Cemeteries, other military and Dept. of Interior cemeteries, and veterans buried in private cemeteries when grave is marked with a government grave marker.
DNA Testing
  DNA Testing 101
  DNA Family Trees article covers the basics of using DNA in genealogy research. By Kimberly Powell.
  DNA Ancestry Project
  Trace your deep ancestral roots.
  Family Tree DNA
  National Geographic Genographic Project
  Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation
Free Genealogy Data
  Rapidly expanding collection of digitized and indexed source materials, microfilmed by the LDS Church.
  Heritage Quest
  Available free to computer users with Kansas addresses. Includes PERSI index to periodicals, digitized books, Revolutionary War pension files, and more.
  Internet Archive
  Digitized books, and more.
  US GenWeb
  A network of free, county-level genealogy information. Good source for county history and location of local resources.
  Searchable database of family trees.
Genealogy Software
  GenSoft Reviews
  User reviews of the most widely-used genealogy software packages.
  Mobile Genealogy Applications
  Genealogy Apps for mobile devices, such as smartphones, android phones, ipods, and more.
Historical Context
  American Memory, from the Library of Congress
  Digitized books, photographs, music and other materials from throughout America's history.
  Documenting the American South
  Primary source material for the study of Southern history and culture.
  Early American Roads and Trails
  By genealogist Beverly Whitaker. Downloadable maps and fact sheets pertaining to early American roads and migratory routes.
  Feeding America: The Historic American Cookbook Project
  Digitized versions of historic American cookbooks.
  Events that touched our ancestor's lives - floods, fires, tornadoes, epidemics, etc.
  Kansas Memory
  A Kansas Historical Society website, loaded with fascinating photos and documents pertaining to Kansas history.
  Making of America
  Digitized primary source material from the antebellum period through Reconstruction.
  Mountain Men and the Fur Trade
  Website devoted to the history, traditions, and life of the trappers, explorers and traders known as Mountain Men.
  Timelines of History
  Find historic events during your ancestor's lifetime.
Search Engines - Genealogy
  Genealogy Today
  One-Step Searches
Terminology and Definitions
  Archaic Medical Terms
  Glossary of old terms for diseases, medical conditions, and causes of death.
  Genealogical Dictionary
  Genealogy Abbreviations
Useful Tools
  Archaic Medical Terms
  An A to Z glossary of old and archaic medical terms. Also provides terms in French, German and Latin languages.
  BabelFish Translator
  Translates text from nine languages.
  Bing Translator
  Free online translation in 20 languages.
  Deed Platter
  Free, handy online tool allows you to enter compass headings and degrees for metes and bounds surveys and uses them to generate a plat map for you.
  Inflation Calculator
  How much would $1,000 in 1860 be worth today?
  Perpetual Calendar
  Free tool to create a calendar for any year.
  Soundex Coder
  Quickly and easily convert a surname to its soundex equivalent.
  Tombstone Birthday Calculator
  Calculate a date of birth from the death date and age given on a tombstone.
  USGS Geographic Names Information System
  A useful tool for locating cemeteries, or finding historic names of towns and geographic features.
  Wayback Machine
  Useful for finding archived web pages.
  Locate a library that has a copy of the book or other item that you need.
Writing Your Family History
  A great source for ideas and resources to bring your family history to life by Phyllis Matthews Ziller.